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One of the things you learn from real estate investing is the importance of SYSTEMS. Systems are standard ways of doing things, and systems are usually passed down to new investors from experienced investors. Experienced investors, when they make expensive mistakes, create a system to help ensure they don’t make those mistakes again.

Most people are totally backward in the process. They pick up the phone and call about a house they are interested in and from that point on, they are joined at the hip to an agent who may or may not be any good. You have no way of knowing if they are indifferent to your needs, or maybe very new in the business. The only thing you know for a certainty is they are capable of answering a telephone. Find an agent before you find a house.

For instance, you may want to sell high-end condos or expensive waterfront properties – because the price tags and thus the commissions are high. You may enjoy these buyers and sellers because they inspire you to do well. You may admire them and learn from them – and feel that being around them helps insure that you will soon be in their financial position.

Teenagers making out in a car in the woods where a known killer is on the loose, is the equivalent of you being pushy with a speaker after a Q&A. It makes me cringe when I watch someone push their script or reel on someone who is clearly saying they can’t accept it. DO NOT CORNER THE SPEAKER! Instead, ask him/her a relevant question based on the panel or screening, and then follow up with a note reminding him/her that you were the person who asked (insert your question).

Who Let The Diamonds Out? – Since the ad campaign, “Diamonds Are Forever” was launched, there has been a remarkable increase in diamond mining, production, demand and supply. In the process, the diamond jewelry industry has expanded into one of the largest industries in the entire world. Hands down, the Diamond Engagement Ring has become the staple for this flourishing industry. It embodies everything women envision being in love; warmth, brilliance, sparkle, eternity, mystery and romance.

I normally get a lot of good deals most of which I cannot pursue. For this reason, I wholesale them to other investors who will probably fix them up and put them back on the market either as rentals or resale.

Maybe you’ve been working with young families and really enjoy seeing their excitement at owning their first home. You may enjoy their children and get real satisfaction from finding exactly the right home for a growing family.

Competitive pricing is a sure-fire way to sell your house fast. While you won’t gain as much on your investment, that few thousand dollar price cut could mean your house gets sold faster than the similar model down the street.

Basically, Fanpages are actually really websites, hosted at Facebook, because you can make as many pages as you like at your main fan page. You could, if you wanted to, do all your marketing at Facebook, using the Fanpages, and not have your own website hosted elsewhere, at all. This is a great way to get visitors, because so many people use Facebook now. It is really powerful, and many main stream companies are using Facebook to market their goods and services. We can use the Fanpages to generate awareness, make sales, church group, band or musician, even a local off-line business, such as a driving school, or chiropractor. The uses seem unlimited.

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