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Amounted to 0.4 percent. GDP to 1.5 percent. Of GDP in 2017. After adjustment. while the debt of the public finance sector in 2018 amounted to. 48.9 percent. GDP compared to 50.6 per cent. Of GDP in 2017. In nominal terms, the deficit amounted to 7 billion 987 million zł, while the debt of 1 trillion 34 billion 358 million zł. Dust previously announced that in connection with the “scandal Ibizagate” ask the president of the country Alexander Van [...]


Homeworkhelper – Draft Homework Policy from Davis, California

Draft Homework Policy from Davis, California In Davis, California, a committee that had been working on a draft policy submitted its report to the Board of Education for review last week. Take a look at the report. It has many family friendly recommendations and, where the people in the committee disagreed with each other, they wrote their own dissents. Here are just a few of the provisions I especially like: * Weekend and holiday homework shall not be assigned. New assignments [...]